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Services Offered In A Resort

Indulge your every need and desire in a resort that gives you the best services. You are on holiday and want to take advantage of the best resources available. Resorts provide an extensive range of premier services to pamper and comfort you. TheĀ Banburee Resort and Spa health retreat in Koh Samui, TH is one of the best relaxation centers. Here are services you should expect from a stellar resort.


Manicure and pedicure

Often, people go to resorts to enjoy the massaging services. They seek a customized facial or massage that will leave their bodies feeling relaxed.Manicure& Pedicure

Resorts offer nail salon services that range from gel, nail art, manicures, and pedicures.

Room Services

Most resorts offer room services to their guests. These in-room dining services allow a guest to choose menu items which are delivered to them in their rooms at their comfort.

Airport Pickup And Transfer Services

For guests who may wish to tour the area they are staying in, the resort may make arrangements for transfer services to take them to their desired destination. Resorts also pick up their guests from the airport to the hotels and vice versa.

Conference Services

Companies and organizations may wish to have meetings in a certain resort. Conference services allow the guests to have a comfortable ambiance for work or seminars. Private Dining Services

Resorts offer private dining services to couples and families who may desire to eat in seclusion while enjoying their exclusive company.

Laundry Service

Guests enjoy laundry services in resorts which allow them to deliver their dirty linen to cleaners who return it cleaned, pressed and ready for wear.

Babysitting Service

For most resorts that target families, childcare services are as important as the cafe or room services. For the time that parents wish to have some time to themselves or for any other reason, there are babysitters employed to keep their children under watch, engaged and comfortable.

Lobby/ Bar Services

Bar services are often offered for guests who may desire to indulge in a little wine or alcoholic beverages. Doctor On Call Service

In the event of an emergency, resorts usually have a doctor on call who can tend to the sick ones.

Valet Service

Valet services are mostly offered by resorts in high-end areas that allow the guests to leave their cars at the entrance and have them delivered at their departure.

Other services include courier services, equipment rental services, safe deposit box services and butler services.

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