Travel Made Easy: The Amazing Kneeling Chair

wing-kneeling-chair-1-lgeAhh, the comforts of getting to your hotel after a long day of travel, kicking your shoes off, and relaxing in your portable kneeling chair to check your e-mail. I know, to some it may sound unfamiliar.


Many folks may collapse into an easy chair or a bed after a long travel session. But portable kneeling chairs are interesting objects, with some unexpected benefits. So how did such chairs come about? What are some types? And what are some benefits? Lets explore these questions further.



Our ancestors from various cultures often possessed wisdom which is sometimes overlooked in modern culture. This wisdom extends to ergonomics. In many ancient eastern cultures, practitioners of Buddhism made meditation a way of life. Meditation, as you may know, involves the relaxation of the mind, but without a relaxed body it is hard to ease the mind. One of the postures that was evolved to facilitate proper meditation was the kneeling posture. Properly performed, the kneeling posture can properly distribute body weight and also keep the body in proper alignment. This is the rationale behind the kneeling chair.



There are a couple of basic types of kneeling chairs, the backless and the reclining chair. The names are fairly self explanatory; the backless chair is basically a pad designed for sitting upon, and also includes a knee rest. The reclining variety, in addition to the aforementioned parts, also includes a backrest for increased comfort and support. In addition, many enterprising people have added clever innovations to the chair design; one example would be chairs that come equipped complete with rollers for ease of movement in an office environment.

jobri-standard-kneeling-chair-largeWHAT ARE SOME BENEFITS?


The design of the kneeling chair exploits the many benefits of a posture known as the diamond. Unlike the posture one assumes when seated in an everyday sitting chair, the kneeling variety promotes proper ergonomic balance of the body, which has direct and positive results on the body.

For one thing, the spinal column is made to form into a straighter line, alleviating pressure and stress. The knees are engaged to provide support, and this reduces pain and stress in the lower extremities. Even digestion has been known to be improved. Truly, these marvels of simplicity are technological marvels.

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